So here’s a little thing, let’s rewrite the textbook

Yes, so there seems to be confusion in the NHS about how the human mind works. If you’d like to know more I’ll happily write it, only if I can talk in your words.

So here we find a little conundrum, basically I’m just going to issue my GDPR request, I know it’s already been spoken to them, but they didn’t really question my Roman Catholic terminology.

Yes, in fact I said this one thing, that I wasn’t hearing voices, but instead yes after thinking, yes I think I was just thinking.

And yes, some thoughts are a bit wild, but hey, they are also in the Bible.

But this one too, I think I made a faux pas.

Yes I described visions, but I think they’re just thought. Yes little images in the mind. Like memories you might know. They might not even have electromagnetism involved but instead simply a part of the brain with thought.

So I think we should find that they’re not very scary, and my wife this is for you, yes it’s escape to Egypt this is really about.

Everyone let’s see something fun, yes it seems Dr Cherry Lewin has stated something she has no evidence for whatsoever. She needs to go. Please Cherry, let’s try to give you a job, please go to the Church and be a counsellor.

I have been calm and peaceful in Italy, everyone knows this, no one can even build a witness statement in truth for me not being happy and joyful when free from the NHS.

She also states that I’ve got a preoccupation with religious delusions. That seems a bit harsh for a Roman Catholic with a, yes, case against them for religious persecution.

In fact the truth is these people are preoccupied with taking away my faith. So there we have it, let’s pretend for a while I don’t believe anything at all but their little lies.

Which I’m not really going to do, but why not, I’ll tell them some truths too.

What she has written isn’t even true.

Jayne Metcalf woke me up when I was peacefully asleep.

I had a nice evening with my parents, my uncle and my good brother Stephen Owen. There was even some kind words I gave to him when he decided smoking was sinful. Yes, the cigarettes he wants are really a gift from Our Lord, and he even knows he’s had them bought for him before.

Stephen Owen wouldn’t let me sleep the night before and he was quite aggressive and took photos of my iPad without permission. He even started to poke me in the face.

I was peaceful and calm and they even kept telling me I was mumbling. They even tried to steal my passport when I went for a smoke.

Not at all did I raise my voice to them, any of them at all. They just didn’t want to reveal that they’d already formed a trap, when I had confirmation from my Uncle Jon that it was not a trap. Yes he even made it clear to me what was about to happen as I preached to people peacefully in Fiumicino Airport. Yes I was even greeted many times with thanks and praise to Our Lord.

So there, how can it be I was verbally aggressive?

No evidence do they have, yes no evidence of anything I’ve done written there in Dr Cherry Lewin’s video diary. It’s really quite obscene that they don’t even have any evidence whatsoever of any anger at all.

I’ve only ever seen her twice in my life, at least a year ago I saw her last.

I think we’ve seen this before haven’t we? Oh yes, there’s a pattern here that the NHS need to look at.

What’s this verbal aggression to family about?

Do my family know that they have a little pattern themselves? There seems to be verbal aggression from them, yes even my father asked to take a vote. He raised everyone’s hands even my mothers right hand he raised himself with his left. The question he asked was who thinks Tim is ill, and yes every time he asked the question their hands were down. It happened three times, they put their hands down every time and only when my father asked to raise them did they do so. The reason is quite clear, my father is basically voting for everyone.

Do people realise this man has been bullying me and really slandering me to everyone I have ever known into 7 years of NHS hell.

My wife: this is not my father anymore.

Mark, my dear dad, please find the little tortoise I left for you in Moorside’s nursing station.

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