Our Lord gave me a vision of Our Mother Mary and Her Mother Mary too

I saw a terracotta house with a tiled roof. There was a dark brown wooden window with frosted glass.

There was a large opening from what looked like the inside of a stable, a work shop.

Our Mother Mary and Her Mother Mary too brought in a wooden hammer and a basket of gifts for Her son St Joseph and Her spouse too.

She was pale olive skin with a beautiful complexion.

This was Israel.

It was after exile but before His child’s Jesus Christ became an adult and started His Ministry.

I saw this through the eyes of St Joseph.

Mary had a beautiful scar. Yes she even had one wrinkle on Her face. And she had this very gentle beauty from the birth of Our Lord in His Nativity.

I saw a stable and then mountains and a garden in front with a passage way of dust leading out to the front.

The stable was bare with His Cradle, shining brightly with His Holy Spirit.

I saw two shepherds talking and happy walking out to serve Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Behind them followed the beautiful Lamb, and yes it was Our Lord behind them.

Our Lord please serve us with Your Spirit too.

Alleluia! Alleluia! Please Jesus help us in this day. Please save us, and please find me my baby wife Annie.

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