And this is news to me, I’m back in Sale Moor

In fact I really want to live here, in a beautiful little flat.

Yes my grandmother and grandfather were bought an annex to the family home.

In fact there is a place outside where I know a statue of The Immaculate Heart of Mary will live.

My father has even planted nice life there, daffodils I think.

There’s meaning to this, Dad, you’ve even marked out the spot. Thank you.

I think I’ll need to head to the removal van to try and get back my stuff.

Here, basically some prayer cards and yes all the holy images on my wall.

I think I’m going to remove some TVs and even maybe yes the wardrobe. An electric piano is needed somewhere, our life is needing peace.

Oh yes, and I even flew from Fiumicino and flew over the mountains of Perugia.

My dear baby girlfriend betrothed, yes we just need to buy a cot. I think we might know one to find, yes a little Servant of Mine. Wayne and Tracey, do you know where we can buy a cot?

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