My parents Mark and Vanessa, I love you

I am lower than you for eternity I know, lower than any of my parents and my wife.

And yes for the scientists please read the metadata on WordPress. I’m at home with my little Raffy and Taffy, and yes Mitzi and yes you know Raffles too. Peace be with You Lord, and yes it is His Peace we receive when we rest.

There is a special calling and I’m praying for a while, I am taking no calls and this is why My Family have protected me with their peace and silence.

I just want to rest in your soul my beloved Our Mother Mary and Your Son Jesus Christ.

You are My Lord, my very special love.

I love my mother Vanessa yes Anne Behrsin bee Johnson and Pitt, daughter of Maria first and then Joan, Joan Margaret Pitt nee Johnson and many more. please serve Him, and then my father. And yes be obedient to Our Lord.

Laurence Our Brother, is with His God right now. And yes he rests by His side.

Our Lord is with you and Our Holy Family of Our Lady Mary and St Joseph and you’ll rest peacefully knowing your mothers and your fathers and your brothers and your sisters are with them too. Yes definitely Christopher Stephen Pitt.

They are all at rest and peace and yes very much suffering with us too.

I love my brother Jesus Christ. You know there are 3. Yes it is, Our Son of Our Lord and Our Almighty Father, and He is His Majesty the Holy Spirit.

Please love me and find Our Lord to end your suffering here this day.

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