My babies to be

Yes here they are Our Lord’s little toys for four little daughters and Our Lord will be with them.

And what is this? Yes.

A little coffee to know.

And now the following day, on the way back from Terni.

We found another little toy with joy for everyone.

There was a little black-eyed panda, my dear, which I give to you.

The panda had no price tag, so I gave them much money. They stopped me from paying them a lot for it, and I turned around at the till and gave the man 50€. He was overjoyed to hear this, with his young wife watching from his table. Yes, she was overjoyed to see a blessing from Our Lord of Hosts.

I then saw him sit down with her, and yes I was told, to go up and buy the right bag of chocolates to give to him for his wife.

He then told me to go to a receipt for this purchase, and really throw away the price. Yes there is no price on marriage with you my baby to be.

I even wrote a word on it, from Tim and you baby.

I was then told to buy a few presents, yes, for my little wifey. I bought a nice cup of coffee and rest, and also a fresh juicer in the kitchen too.

Yes, the apartment is almost ready, I just need a locked door on the flat.

It’s pretty much holy, yes in my Parish of Holy Family Sale Moor.

Oh and the beautiful heart is for you my dear, but please save it for our fourth child, our little boy.

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