And this is My Truth given to me this time

My children, be Our Lord’s always.

Look at the granddaughter of mine, your mother too.

Look at this smile that lit up all our lives. It is she who adored Our Lord even in a time when she needed money to leave.

Please know my mother too you will be.

There is more to write from you, and I have an account of your life too.

Orphanage to come, and yes it is done.

My dear dear son, leave nothing untouched. Give to Our Lord that ring on your finger. From birth you are betrothed to a holy fair lady.

My porcelain princess, please know my little baby.

Look now on the front cover, here is Our Mother, yes their mother you will be. And you do know you are more than perfect, you are even a mother to be.

Dear Our Lord Jesus Christ, please bring us our child. Be in us this Sweet Heart of Yours.

Robin, is this man. And yes Dad, this is you too. It is very much you Dad, these flowers are from you.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, please bring me my wife.
Our Mother Mary, please protect this beautiful baby of mine.

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