My father has warned me of his impending action

My father and I spoke this evening after he came back from holiday. My mother was sat next to him. I was on FaceTime. I very much enjoyed speaking to them at first, I was overjoyed to see their faces and hear their voice. I told them this. The expression was visible on my face.

My father was grumpy, I knew he would not like what I had disclosed to the Court publicly in my diary, words that will be published in print in the book Our Lord has asked me to publish. He then proceeded to threaten me with multiple counts of untruths about what I wrote. He accused me of making slanderous claims about him and my mother. This is not true. There were two pieces of fact in his words which he reminded of. He threatened to disclose them, he told me it would not be public. I will not let that happen. He has slandered me before by choosing who to say what to, he is manipulating me, he is covering his lies of 2012 which span now 7 years and have been used by him and those he has told them to, to violate my human rights and dignity. I have lost 7 years of my life as a result of what he has said. It is not true what he has said. These two facts I am reminded of from long ago might be important in an appeal from the British Government which they are likely to try to make if the Court upholds my rights. I told him what was true: everything written in my witness statement is fact. It is now published publicly in my diary. So is this statement about those two facts too.

I have been asked to write this in His Truth. I have been asked by Our Lord Jesus Christ to write these down for the Court, for the world to see. It is shameful for me to have done these things. It is shameful for me to disclose this to the world. It is shameful enough that my friends and family know of them. They do not know what was true.

Please know all these events I have not wanted to do. For my future wife and family, I am truly sorry for doing these things. I am truly sorry for having to reveal these to anyone too. They bring me great shame, I did them. It is to Our Lord Jesus Christ and for you my future family I am most sorry that I did these things.

My father has forced me to reveal them publicly.

The witness statement I gave is for the last 7 years of abuse. Not one time have I intimated in any way suicide in the last 7 years. In my entire life I have manipulated situations exactly on two occasions by pretending I might be committing suicide.

Everything I have written I have been shown what to say by Our Lord Jesus Christ, He is Truth. It was true. It is true. It is entirely factual. It is all fact.

There are two facts in my past which I have not yet disclosed in the previous documentation to the Court. Neither of these are known widely to the mental health services. I’m not even aware they have been discussed by them with me, I have seen no record in my vast medical notes of these occurrences in the last 7 years.

The first event was before 2012, in the autumn of 2008 when I was in Belgium with my then girlfriend who was on Erasmus and back for the weekend. The reason she and I quarrelled that night was because I felt extremely jealous. This woman was not for me. We were not going to be together. She wanted very much a different kind of man than I.

I wanted her love that night.

I did not demand sex with her that night. I wanted her love and attention. I wanted her to be mine.

I was angry when I left a friend’s house, a colleague of mine, I felt she had been too overt with other people in the room. I felt hostile towards her. I did in the car glare at her sitting in the rear of the car in the rear mirror as I was driving home. I am sorry to this woman for what I made her go through this night.

It was I was not being spoken to at the time by Our Lord Jesus Christ. I was not attending Church. I had not smoked any drugs that night. I was sinful for being selfish, arrogant, rude and cruel to my girlfriend whom I lived with.

She was brushing her teeth in the bathroom. I grew angry because she refused to listen to my want to talk to her about what happened at the house party we had been to.

I rushed into the living room and pretended to put my foot towards the open double window and the railings of the outside of the high story apartment we lived together in.

I was wrong to do so. It was sin. It was wrong.

I stopped before she entered the room.

It was to pretend to be jumping out of the window.

She rushed at me on a slippery parquet floor and pulled me back very quickly. We both collapsed on the floor and cried.

She never forgave me, as far as I know, for that night.

It was wrong of me to do this. It was not a suicide attempt. I did not attempt to commit suicide. I had no want to commit suicide, though it was that I pretended to to manipulate her into doing this.

What the woman saw and believed was that I was committing suicide. This is not true. It was a game. It was a foolish game. It was a dangerous game. It was wrong. It was manipulation. I manipulated her that night.

She told me off many times for manipulating her. I realised I had been doing this after this night.

She told me if we were to stay together, even while I did not believe I needed any therapy, to find a psychologist in Brussels to visit. I proceeded to find a private psychologist and visited him, Alexander Anghelou, on the frequency of at least once every 2 weeks. I was desperate to keep what I wanted, a wife to be.

I was wanting children. I was now 26. I felt old and in need of keeping this woman.

It was not to be. She left me anyway. We would never have worked. We wanted different things from each other. We were not going to be married.

The psychologist released me once this woman had left me because he could not find any reason to treat me. He found nothing really wrong with me but heartache.

This was the first occurrence I have not yet revealed in my witness statement. It is now revealed to all people. I am ashamed of this night, I am being truthful.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has forgiven me of what I did that night.

The second occurrence, in late 2010, happened during a family quarrel with my father. I pretended to take two packets of paracetamol, one of which was out of date, and took them to my room. I emptied the entire packet onto my side table next to my bed and left them there for my father to find.

Multiple times I went downstairs and told my parents and my grandmother who were together in the living room that I was going to take all of the tablets. My father told everyone who was concerned in the room that it was attention seeking. He told them to ignore it.

I went to my room in despair, knew not to take tablets I did not want to take, lay on my bed and cried very much. I had again need for love from my family.

I asked Our Lord Jesus Christ to help me.

I was given then want to find a job in California. I began to apply for jobs. One of which I got an interview for and began working in San Francisco in 2011 under a H-1B visa. I was given this gift by Our Lord Jesus Christ when I was in despair.

Again I did something wrong. I did something very wrong by Our Lord Jesus Christ. I did something wrong to my family and scared them, except it seems my father.

Not one phone call was made that day to any mental health team. Not one phone call was made to the police. Not one phone call was made to the ambulance service.

I was told by my father later that it was a suicide attempt.

To him it would look like one. It was not a suicide attempt. It was that I did not want to commit suicide. I had no intention of committing suicide. I wanted their love. I wanted peace.

Not one tablet did I take that day. I threw them all into my bed-side drawer to hide them from my parents. If they found them, they had been routing through my personal possessions. This has happened my entire life from when I was a young child to the present day, even while I’ve been in exile in Italy.

There was nothing I did which was an act of suicide.

I must tell the Court that my father says I have slandered him in my testimony to the Court, to the people of the world. Again I must tell the Court to see what is true in evidence, not opinion of someone who is deliberately trying to violate my basic human rights under the European Convention on Human Rights. No right of his protected by the Court has been violated. These are violations of my human rights.

It may be known by the Court through my witness statement of the five incarcerations of the last 7 years that I have not changed any statement of truth by myself.

Read what is written and know I have not told you even now I have intimated that I wanted to commit suicide. It was manipulation I was doing. I was knowing what I was doing to those 4 people involved.

The witness statement recorded in the Police report describes my father telling the Police by telephone I had made vague suicidal threats in the past. Not a single one of these was from me telling anyone I was committing suicide.

My parents knew I was not committing suicide.
My parents knew I had not committed suicide, clearly.
My parents wanted to section me the following day in October 2017 even before this call he had with the Police.

This was to happen. It was my parents doing too.

My father will release his statement soon, private to his family he says, which I will be publicly disclosing. Anything he sends me on this matter or is sent to me from anyone who is willing to forward to me will be used as evidence, even private written correspondence. I ask him personally to publish what he writes publicly and to stop whispering behind closed doors.

I have a right to defend my statement. I have a right not to be slandered in the way he has done in my medical files and to the mental health services and Police force of Great Britain and America.

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