I need You, Jesus, I need You right now

Please help me Jesus, I am needing Your Love.
My father is threatening me with slander.

I need to write what is true.
I need to write Your Truth.

Please help me with what I need.
I need You, right now, in Truth.

Please help me, Lord Jesus, I need Your saving help.

I love You, Lord Jesus, I need You and my family.
I need You, Lord Jesus, I need Your Love and Peace.

Please heal my family.

Please help them see Your Truth.

My Lord spoke to me His Word, He breathed His Word in my thoughts:

“Your parents are not with My Truth.
They are angry, they are hurt.
What I have written for you is true.
You know yourself these are true.
I have proven to you they are true.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, all I need is Your Peace.
Thank You, My Lord, My Life, My Love.
I love You, Lord Jesus, my life is for You.

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