NHS has disclosed they will withhold evidence from me, all third-party statements they say they will withhold

This is an email I received today from the Information Governor of the NHS in Prestwich, the NHS Trust of Greater Manchester:

Dear Timothy

Further to our telephone conversation on Wednesday 6th March 2019, I have looked into your request. Due to the poor quality of the telephone line, I misinterpreted that you had already received a response to your request and that you were querying missing information.

I have since spoken to the member of staff dealing with your request, who has confirmed that the request has not yet been sent and that you had been enquiring about third party information being redacted.

I wish to confirm to you that any third party information contained in your records will be redacted from the information that you receive. We can only release third party information on receipt of consent from said third party.

You will receive the information requested in due course.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards


This is the email I was told by Our God to write back to Karen:


As I told you on the phone call this information is to be used in evidence with the European Court of Human Rights in a case I am filing. I am representing myself, I am my own solicitor.

If you redact a single comment in my medical files you will be withholding evidence from me, my own solicitor. This is a crime.

All information in my files, including what you purport to be not about me, has been given in evidence to the HM Courts and Tribunals Service and has been used against me to persecute my faith as a Roman Catholic for a period of 7 years.

Do not redact any information.


This is not new for the NHS to be doing this injustice. On each occurrence of me requesting my medical files they have redacted key witness statements leading to my incarcerations. At the time I was preparing my cases from incarceration in hospital and was not given so much as a printer. The Court then would not allow me to read the evidence from my phone, the only thing I had with me due to the restrictions placed on me by the hospital. These people do not act fairly.

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