Injunction thrown out of Court

There was notification from the County Court in Manchester today that the Judge has struck out the injunction filed against the NHS and my family.

I have suffered religious persecution for 7 years, and will be referring this now to the European Court of Human Rights.

All avenues in the UK have been exhausted.

I have been told by Our Lord Jesus Christ not to disclose the original paper publicly as it contains confidential information about my family and the care coordinator. The document will be disclosed in its entirety together with the HM Courts and Tribunals Service rulings to the European Court too.

This is the ruling from the Court Judge in Manchester:

It is ordered that:

1. The application is struck out.
1) the application was filed on the 12th February 2019 but no underlying Claim has been issued;
2) the application notice is incoherent and discloses no reasonable grounds for bringing the application.

2. The application is totally without merit.

Dated 5th March 2019

It does not seem to be understood by the Judge that this act committed against me by the NHS and my family is a crime under UK law. It is religious persecution.

There is no appeal avenue offered by the Court. There is no further Court in the UK I am able to have my case heard.

In this case in the County Court they did not listen to evidence. There was no hearing with evidence heard by witnesses, including myself.

It has been thrown out of Court.

I was told by Our Lord Jesus Christ that this would happen. He has shown me there is no legal justice for me in the United Kingdom. He has fled me to this safe-haven of Italy where He has this month written words, His Truth, for me to send to the European Court of Human Rights.

I must now send this to the High Court in the UK to have them hear this case too. I have every confidence they too will throw this case out as well.

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