The vision I received of His lifeless Body on His Cross

There was Our Lord’s lifeless Body on His Cross. He was black with blood having been brutally murdered by the Roman guards and His own people.

I saw a golden crown on His head where His Crown of Thorns was.

They took Him down from His Cross and His lifeless Body fell into their arms.

“I have shown you, Timothy,
My wounds and My Crucifixion.
These things happened to Me.”

I was told to find His Shroud online and He showed me again that this Shroud of His is certainly His. It is impossible for anyone to mimic these wounds in the day which His Cloth is known to date from.

There is an impossibility in the scientific evaluation which I have been told of by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Fragments of material have not been verified correctly.

“This is My Truth.
This is My Shroud.”

These are His words. He speaks to me His Truth.

This is His Shroud which I have been asked to take His Body to.

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