This is what happened in March 2012

There was something I told my parents while I was in San Francisco in March 2012. I told them something which was not true. I sinned. I grievously sinned.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has told me to write in His Truth about those times.

I was reading much of Revelations at the time. I was hearing Him speak to me at times.

He was telling me more about who I was to be for His Church.

I was not receiving Him in Communion at the time, I was outside of His Body.

He appeared to me one day, after I had been driving around searching for Him.

He told me to stop what I was doing.

There was a reason He told me to write this. He has spoken His Truth to me about those days.

I spoke in private with my father, from a distance this was to be written over instant messaging. I told him that I was called to judge the living, I told him explicitly Our Lord judges all.

I spoke to him then what I thought was perhaps true, but I qualified what I said to him by saying I didn’t know why I believed it. I told him some things which were not true.

Our Lord is Our Judge. He is Our Judge. He judges the living and the dead.

What He told me was that what I said was a grave sin punishable by death.

He forgave me of my sin in April 2017. He spoke to me of all the sins I had committed and I prayed to Him for each one of the most grievous I ever committed from my birth.

He led me away from sin. He took me to Him. He speaks to me His Truth since March 2017.

I was a fool for doing those things. I was a fool for trusting my own father with what would have been philosophising conversation. What I said was taken out of all context. It has been blown out of all proportion.

No more can you tell me I am sinful for what happened in those days.

I received the Rite of Confession before Our Lord Jesus Christ, three times in March 2017 through His Servant of St Hughes Parish in Shrewsbury.

What I did was wrong, and I am sorry for what I did.

What happened since this day was not my doing. I was forced into hospital by the Police in Oakland after being assaulted by a gardener of the local Church.

The Police Officer in question refused to take witness statements, he acted on the belief that I was mentally ill, a diagnosis prepared for the police and doctors in San Francisco by my parents.

They took me by ambulance to John George Psychiatric Pavilion where I stayed for 10 days. On arrival they placed me under a sleeping drug, fast asleep, onto a cold floor strewn with other patients. They gave me a cushion to sleep on. When I woke, I spoke to one of the patients and asked the kind lady what she thought I should do. She told me to phone my family from the front desk and I kissed her on her forehead. This was not sinful, this was written about by Dr Thomasini of JGPP as a sign of a mental illness. It is not a sin to give a kiss to someone who helps you.

He wrote in my notes that I suffered delusions while in hospital. This was not true. I spoke of what I read from His Word, The Holy Bible. This is not sinful. This is not a mental illness.

When I was released I was escorted, without even a cigarette, to the airport by my parents. When I landed they let me rest and escorted me to a doctor named Dr Cheri Llewyn. The words she spoke to me when she met me for the first time were “I think you’re a bit of a loner, aren’t you?” This is not true. People who truly know me know I have made many friends in my life, all of which have left me since these days due to this diagnosis.

How dare she cast judgement on me from 2 minutes of conversation!

This was the sign of things to come with those people.

Our Lord Jesus Christ stayed with me, helping me, talking to me and being my friend. He spoke to me when I was in the hands of the Early Intervention Service, Dr Rory Allot. He asked me if I wanted Him to stop speaking to me for a time and I thought carefully. I was given want to say yes. It pained me to do so, He was all I had. He cared for me, He knew I couldn’t go through this with Him speaking to me in the way He had been.

I then was bombarded by ethnic teaching about mindfulness by Dr Rory Allot. Teaching the NHS is forcing on the patients in their care. I was told by Rory to tell Our Lord He was a “passenger on a bus”, “thoughts to place on a leaf to float down the stream”, “rubble on a freight train to watch ride into the distance.” I told him that this was not really what I needed, but they made me do it anyway.

During those 3 years in the Early Intervention Service of Trafford, they made me lose my way. They gave me false teaching.

Every Easter I found a call from Our Lord Jesus Christ to say to Him prayers of His Church. He was telling me He was with me.

There was a doctor named Dr Zehry on the day I was released by the Early Intervention Service who could not find anything wrong with me. Bipolar disorder, so they say, does not go away. Recurrent psychosis, as it’s name would imply, does not disappear. I was well and it was known by Dr Allot and this psychiatrist that I was not mentally ill.

It is also, as Our Lord has revealed to me, as He has shown me in others I have met in hospital, that these are not even illnesses. They are models for how mental health practitioners want to force their patients into a particular mode of being. This is wrong. People sometimes are confused, and that is all. They need Our Lord, they need His Peace, they do not need drugs. They do not need to be incarcerated against their will.

This was not healing I received due to medication, which I had sparsely taken during those years, as it had no bearing on who I was.

It is because I was not ill in the first place. Nor really is anyone else in this way.

Rory Allot was wrong to ignore my plea to seek comfort in the Roman Catholic Church.
He was wrong to ignore what I said, and he wrote many harmful things about me in my medical notes which are not true. Some things were not even spoken of in the sessions I had with him.

Even the family therapy, which my parents requested, broke down because my parents would not do anything for themselves. They forced me to change who I am, and did not accept that I am not who they want me to be for them.

All the while I was working for a startup in Manchester and was setting up a business of my own. There was nothing wrong with this, it was always where I wanted to work. These two things were also seen as signs of mental illness by Rory and his team.

This harassment, defamation, incarceration, abuse, humiliation and most importantly religious persecution is still ongoing to the present day by those people in the NHS and my family.

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