This is for my father, whom I love


I want you to know I forgive you.

I want you to know this must end.

Seven years is too long to be unknowing the truth. You need to know what you did is forgiven.

I forgive you.

These are the words of Our Saviour Jesus Christ:

“I have told you once more.
I have shown you again.
These things are to end.
I want you, Mark.”

These are His Words for you, Dad. He is speaking just to you in these words.

It is for you to know that this period is now over. Be at peace.

What has happened must be known now. People will need to see. What has gone on is too big for anyone to hide. Everyone will know of our sins.

The Truth is for you to pray to.
He will reveal His Truth to you.

These are His words, Dad. There is no more to say than this.

I love you, dearly, my beloved father.
I wish for no other man to be my father than you.
I love you, I am your son.

Be peaceful as more is revealed.

Your dear son,


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