The Lord Jesus Christ asked me to publish all my records, they will all be public record

I was asked by Our Lord Jesus Christ to exhaust domestic options in the United Kingdom to find again legal representation.

Not a single solicitor I contacted answered my emails in the last month in the United Kingdom with a response to even listen to my case.

Not a single charity in the UK, including the mental health charity Mind and the human rights charity Liberty has listened to this issue.

No one in the legal profession wants to listen to my case. This is wrong.

These are the words Our Saviour gave me right now, this is His Truth:

“I have given you this understanding of what they do.
You know more today about the injustice of the British people.
There is no justice which they give to anyone who has been stigmatised with the accusations which have been made against you, My dear child.
Do more now, show this court in Europe what is true about this case.”

Lord, please help me, I don’t know how this can be done.

“Give them what you know right now, all records will be known by My People.”

Thank You, Jesus, I obey You.

Jesus, You are my Light and my Life,
be near me right now, another night more.

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