Proof of my Roman Catholic faith, not delusional in any way

Father Giles Pinnock wrote a witness statement for the HM Courts and Tribunals Service in January 2018. This was while I was out of St Charles Hospital at home under the planned incarceration of the Community Mental Health Team of South Trafford. Jayne Metcalf signed the CTO in Manchester with Dr Emmanuel signing the CTO from St Charles by FaceTime which I set up for them as they could not use any other means themselves. They did not know how to.

This letter from Father Giles Pinnock proves my Roman Catholic Faith. It proves that the slanderous claims over 7 years by the NHS have no basis in fact and in any case are criminal.

They have broken the law, the European Convention on Human Rights protects any beliefs I want to have, and this letter proves they are in the mainstream Catholic Communion.

This evidence was thrown out by the HM Courts and Tribunals Service, because they simply wanted to ignore my faith.

They have accused me there too of religious delusions, even when met with evidence by a Roman Catholic Priest.

Further evidence was given but Rev. Barrie of Moorside Unit in 2017 refused to help me, he was afraid of interfering with Moorside Unit’s treatment and losing his position as the Anglican Chaplain.

He prayed with me and I asked him to pray for The Holy Spirit to speak His Truth about me.

Our Lord told him I was to witness Our Lord.

Rev. Barrie, please pray with me again and witness this again in writing.

If anyone in Moorside, especially the doctors, want to understand more I can give you a name of a local Roman Catholic Priest who knows already about my calling. His name is Father Michael of Salford Diocese, he is located in Cheetham Hill.

There are several people called Father Michael in Salford Diocese, please know to find the right one.

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