This is my journey to Vacone

As I finished the work of publishing my diary with the help of Our Lord God, I was instructed by Him to put my shoes on and take with me the Cup which His Body has been in for 3 weeks since I arrived in Fiumicino.

He told me to take some prayer cards and give His Cup, the cloth which I used to clean His sealed Vessel and to prepare for His Body to be taken to Turin.

I prayed to Our Mother the Salve Regina as I sat in the peaceful Church named after Our Lady, Santa Maria in the Parish of St Thomas the Apostle. I prayed for Him to be with me with the words He told me to say to Him.

After everyone had given their Confession in front of the Parish Priest, to Our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ, I entered the sacristy as Our Lord told me to and I greeted this man, His Priest.

I wanted to thank this Priest for being so kind to me, for welcoming me into this Parish of His two weeks ago. Thank you Father, for everything you have done for me and for His People while you have served Our Saviour this past few months.

He will leave back to Washington in a couple of months, the Priest told me. I will pray for him and his ministry. I hope to meet him again one day, the warmth and love in his heart is the Love of Christ. Alleluia!

I gave him His Cup and asked him to keep it safe as I travel to Turin and back to Rome. The Cup which held His Body for three weeks needs to be kept safe by His Church. Our Lord has told me to tell those who will find it one day to do no more than keep it with these people in the Diocese of Rome.

I witnessed love and generosity of these warm people of Torrita again this evening. I was told to leave the Church before Mass, genuflecting before His Blessed Sacrament in His Tabernacle and praying to Our Lady before He walked my feet to the bakery owned by this woman who has fed me all week from her stores.

These are the beautiful people of Rome. Be with Him.

The woman, Maria, gave me more than I could eat in my remaining stay in Torrita Tiberina. I asked her to take my money and she placed it straight into the bag she gave me. I told her I could not believe how kind she was.

Our Lord told me again to send to her these words, printed in the book He has given me to print this week.

These are the words of Our Lord and King Jesus Christ, for you, Maria:

“Be My Servant, answer My Call.
See My Truth and tell all your friends in Torrita to pray to Me.
The people I have sent to you in this small hillside town are Mine.
Feed Me. Clothe Me. Shelter Me.
These are My instructions to you, My People of Rome.”

This is the Word of Our Lord and Saviour, The Almighty Ever Living God.

He has sheltered me, fed me, clothed me, watered me, and brought me justice. Hosanna in the highest. Peace to His People. Peace to People of Good Will. Peace to His People. Peace to all people.

Thank You, Lord, for showing me Your Way of Truth.
Thank You, Jesus, for giving me Your Way of Life.
Thank You, Our Lord Jesus Christ, please show me The Way to You.

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