Adore The Body of Christ

This is His Body and Blood,
This is His Flesh and His Blood.

“I have given My apostle, Timothy,
these words from Me to say to My People.
Give Him your Love.
Ask Me for My Truth about who I have chosen to receive My Flesh on his tongue.”

These are the words of Jesus of Nazareth.
This is His Body.
This is His Blood.
Adore The Lord God of Israel.

I adore You, Jesus, I love You.
Give me, Lord Jesus, one more gift from Your Bounty.
Please, Lord Jesus, grant me the love of my family.

I adore You, Lord, I pray to You.
I love You, Jesus, I need You in Body and Spirit.
I want You, Jesus, I need You more than anything.

“These are My gifts to you, My People.
These are the gifts from My Bounty.
My Body and Blood is to be adored by all people.
Send them My gifts for My People to adore.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, I obey You.

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