This is His Body taken on my tongue

These are the acts Our Lord Jesus Christ said to me to perform.

He told me to take my hands and wash them with soap.

He told me to dry my hands with a clean towel, provided for me yesterday which I have not used.

He asked me not to drink or eat one hour before He told me to drink His Blood.

I took His Cup. I took His Chalice. I took His Holy Instruments containing His Body and Blood to the table He asked me to place them on.

Together with two clean white cloths I laid out His Miracle in front of my camera so you can witness this too.

Here is the video showing this holy act which Our Friend The Lord God told me to perform.

These are the prayers He told me to say before Communion:

His Sweet Heart, my Light and my Life.
Be near me right now, another night more.
Be near me now, Jesus, in Body and Spirit.
Be with me I ask You, to bring me to You.
The Sweet Heart of Yours is with me I pray.

I took the outer cup protecting His Body and Blood and took the cloth that will be taken on His Pilgrimage to dry His Cup.

I took His Cup containing His Flesh and Blood and poured it into the sealed Vessel which will hold His Body and Blood all the way back to Rome.

He told me to pour His Blood into another cup. I had cleaned this with a separate cloth to remove dust and lint before I transferred His Blood.

He asked me to take His Body on my finger and move it into the sealed Vessel. These acts are visible in this video.

When I placed my finger down on the table He told me to dry His Blood from the table. I did this after drinking His Blood.

He told me to pray before drinking His Body and Blood:

Lord, I am not worthy to receive You under my roof,
but only say the Word and my soul will be healed.

I then took His Blood and drank from His Cup of Eternal Salvation.

This Blood of His tasted on my tongue of pure water. It is impossible that this is not His Body and Blood.

“This is My Body.
It is My Flesh and Blood.
I am with My dear child, Timothy.”

I adore You, Lord, my life is Yours.
I trust You, Jesus, be my saving help.

Trust in the Lord God of Israel.
He is with us all.

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