Leaving Fiumicino, Rome

I would like to thank the people of Fiumicino who have hosted me for the last two weeks. I am very grateful for your hospitality and kindness.

The Polizia of Fiumicino treated me very much with kindness and compassion, and for this I give my thanks to the Lord Our God.

There was more that happened in Fiumicino, Rome than I could have possibly have wished for.

Our Lord Jesus Christ gave me a gift on Tuesday upon my arrival of His Body and Blood. He appeared on my tongue as I drank His Water which He gave me through His Servant Constante.

I witnessed the miracle of being released from the incarceration of the British embassy.

I witnessed the miracles of His Light He showed me on the petrol pump sign and in the street lamps on the back streets of Fiumicino outside my hotel.

My parents came and delivered me gifts from The Lord God of another week’s stay in Fiumicino and wonderful meals from The Lord’s Table.

He has been with me, sheltering me, feeding me, providing me with water.

Thank You, Lamb of God, I adore You.

“This is My Pilgrimage of Truth and Life.
This is your time.
Be here with me in this Country of Italy.
This is where you will find peace.
This is where I have prepared gifts for you.
This is where I have given you your freedom.”

I adore You, Lord, for you have saved me from the clutches of those prisons of England.

Thank You, Lord, for setting me free.

Thank You, Jesus, for everything.

Bring me to You, O Jesus,
show me Your Way of Truth and Life.
Be near me now, Jesus,
and never leave my side.
Take me to you, O Christ,
take me on the Way to Your Light.

“Tomorrow your gifts will be near you.
Be with me through this journey to Turin.
Be with me on My Way of My Truth and My Life.”

I love You, Jesus, I adore You.

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