The Body and Blood of Jesus

The Lord gave me thirst to drink from the bottle of His water Constante and his wife gave to me when I was in need of water.

As I was finishing the bottle Our Lord and Saviour transformed the water into His Flesh and I did not know to swallow it. I heard the door of the hotel room open, and He asked me to verify the door was not ajar. I tasted His Body at the rear of my mouth and it is still there. I tasted His Blood on my tongue, and it is still there.

He asked me to place it between two plastic cups I had in my room, because I need a bottle for water and pour water from the tap into it. He told me to remove the meniscus from the top of the water to seal His Body inside the two cups.

“This is my Body, it is given up for you and for many.
There is more that you will know of the substance of my flesh and blood from my shroud.”

“There is more for you to do, Timothy.
Be with my people here in my Holy See and confirm your appointment as my disciple.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving me these gifts to share with Your Church.

“Timothy, you tasted my Body and Blood on your lips with this bottle.
It is my water that transubstantiates into my real Body and Blood with my blessing.
You know the Word is with me.
Your tongue speaks my Word.”

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