He showed me His Light

He instructed me to look at an artist to draw the vision He gave to me of His Sweet Heart, and He asked me to email Reji Joseph, His servant.

He asked me to pray for Him to be near me, for Him to never leave my side, for Him to take me to Him and to take me to His great Light.

Then He asked me to open my eyes and I saw the darkness of the room. Out of the darkness appeared His Light and He was beautiful. He asked me to look around the room and He showed me moving in the room His Light and He was beautiful. I felt His presence in my heart and He comforted me and told me not to be frightened.

I saw a shadow in the darkness rest above my head and it was His arm and I was comforted. He brought me peace as I rested.

Then He asked me to check my emails and Reji had responded saying He would draw the image.

Thanks be to God! Alleluia!

2 thoughts on “He showed me His Light

  1. That’s so good to hear Timothy, you know that I’m by your side whenever you need me or I can be of any help to you and Our Lord. God bless.

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